16通道16位250 kS/s高性价比多功能DAQ卡


■ 支持32位3.3 V或5 VPCI总线 (DAQ-2213、DAQ-2214)

■ x1 PCI Express®接口 (DAQe-2213、DAQe-2214)

■ 板载1k采样点A/D FIFO

■ 双极性或单极性模拟输出范围

■ 可编程增益:x1、x2、x4、x8

■ 可配置的512单元通道增益序列

■ Scatter-gather DMA

■ 2通道12位带波形发生的模拟输出 (DAQ/DAQe-2214)

■ 板载1k采样点D/A FIFO (DAQ-2214、DAQe-2214)

■ 24通道数字输入/输出

■ 2通道16位通用定时器/计数器

■ 模拟及数字触发

■ 全自动校准

■ 通过SSI(系统同步接口)总线实现多卡同步





Motion Control

● REL / ABS position control

● Velocity control

● Trapezoidal and S-curve velocity profile

● Various home modes via ORG, EL, and EZ signals

● 2-axis linear interpolation (1st and 2nd –axis)

● Jog mode

● Dedicated motion DO: Servo ON/OFF, Alarm reset, Deviation counter clear, Emergency stop

● Dedicated motion DI: Servo alarm, In position, Servo ready, Home, Positive limit signal, Negative limit signal

Software Support

OS Information

Supports 32/64 bit Windows®7/10

Software Compatibility

VB.NET / VC++ / C#

Software Recommendations

MotionCreator Pro 2

Provides over 40 dedicated API libraries for motion control

● Supports NI LabVIEW with NI import DLL

Ordering Information


Ethernet-based 4-axis motion controller Accessories

HSL-4XMO-DM Cable 

For Mitsubishi MR-J2S-A servo amplifier, available for 1 M, 2 M, and 3 M

4XMO-DM-J3 Cable 

For Mitsubishi MR-J3 servo amplifiers, available for 2 M 

HSL-4XMO-DP Cable 

For Panasonic MINAS A4/A5 servo amplifiers, available for 1 M, 1.5 M, and 2 M

HSL-4XMO-DY Cable 

For Yaskawa Sigma V servo amplifier, available for 1 M, 2 M, and 3 M

4XMO-DA Cable

For Delta A2 servo, available for 3 M

4XMO-Open Cable

Controller to amplifier bus (26-pin SCSI to open wire), available for 1 M and 2 M


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